Tips before planning a baby

Published: 01st May 2008
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It seems to be one of the lovely moments of your life when you would give birth to your child. So before planning to have a baby does make sure that you are perfectly fit to conceive that life. Make a note on your mind that you can bring a healthy baby to this world if you are healthy.

First few months are very crucial for your baby's growth, as that time organs of the baby's body start growing. So if you can plan then it could help you to;

Conceive your baby more quickly

You can have a healthier pregnancy

Least amount of complications can be faced

You can be a mother of healthy baby

You can regain yourself quickly after giving birth

Post pregnancy experience will be sound enough

You can reduce health hazards of you child in near future.

So these are the tips, which you can handle before getting pregnant. In other way you can call it as inside planning pregnancy, which is very much essential.

Food habits- if you are planning for pregnancy then try to change your food habits. Avoid eating junk food. Eat food rich in mineral and protein rich constituent. Take vitamins if it is needed. Make a chart what to eat and what not.

Body making-make your body fit to carry a new life.

Avoid taking drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other things, which could affect your pregnancy.

If you are infertile then try to consult a doctor so that you can get treatment before it is too late.

Take dental care, as it is very important during the time of pregnancy, so goes for dental check up.

If you have hormonal problems then try to solve it. Any disorder can cause if effect to your baby.

Try to avoid emotions and stress by taking up any kind of stress management programs.

Maintain regular workouts to keep yourself fit to carry you healthy baby.

If you need genetic counseling and testing then you should have it before conceiving.

Last but not the least you have to maintain a good relation with your partner to conceive a baby.

Aaron Nimocks is a frequent blogger at Pregnancy Hut and has written a guide on 26 weeks pregnant and 27 weeks pregnant.

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